Independent Solar Energy

We are pleased to bring you our solution to expensive grid tied solar energy schemes.  Our modules are made with your essential needs in mind.  This technology is only limited to your imagination and how and where you employ it.  Treadergy is the realization that we are all on different playing fields, so why not be versatile and rugged?  Our modules act as building blocks for other platforms as they collect heat from the sun.

Where do you need it?

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Treadergy  panels collect heat through our Patented process that uses recycled tires.  This process uses temperatures and pressure far beyond what mother nature can dish out.   The low profile also offers answers to wind and snow loading issues that have plagued the industry for years.   This product has no glass to ever break and is resistant to even the toughest hail storm.   You can glue them and even screw through them. They can take a beating!

screw and tire

Manufactured entirely in the US

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