Thousands of  Array Configurations

There are so many physical footprints that our module can handle.  When deciding on where to use these,  you must consider best practices when it comes to many different disciplines.   This requires common sense for each different scenario.  The meshing of other green technology is only limited to your imagination.  These modules can make hot water, glycol or air.



This module is not only limited to shingle, rubber and metal roof space.  Did you also notice there is no pesky racking?  These can be deployed right on the ground, asphalt, concrete, tarmac, grass, sandy beach, practically anywhere.   They can even be attached vertically to walls.  If need be, they can also be stacked.  Installations can be made for temporary, semi permanent and permanent arrays.  These arrays can also be mingled with PV and other alternative energy technology to make cogeneration possible in very limited quarters.

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Portable and Potable

These are manageable modular units that come in at a size of 24″ X 24″ X 2″  (610mm X 610mm X 60mm).   This allows for connections to easily be made with standard hardware of the end user’s choice.   This makes them easy to store in RV’s, cabins and the like.  They can be used for rapid deployment for humanitarian aid, mission work and underdeveloped regions.  These modules can also provide vital drinking water Pastuerization, an essential, self contained, need in time of crisis.



Arrays may contain as little as one module depending on the application.  This provides an advantage of being able to purchase more modules in the future as needed.  This can be used in a closed or open loop system as well.



We are doing the best we can to keep the cost low on these modules so all everyone can afford them. 

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